Flower Care

  • Carefully remove all packaging from flowers
  • Using a sharp clean blade or scissors carefully trim ends by cutting 3-5cms from the bottom of the stems
  • Remove any foliage which falls beneath the water line level as this will decompose and contaminate the water
  • Place stems in a clean vase or container filled with clean fresh water
  • Do not use metal containers as they can neutralise the effects of the flower food
  • Add flower food following the guidelines on the reverse of the sachet that was attached to your bouquet
  • Keep the flowers in a cool position away from direct sunlight and heat
  • Top up with fresh water when necessary
  • For freshness, some flowers are sent in bud ready to open, This may take a few days.
  • Lily and Amaryllis: The pollen can stain clothing, furniture etc. In case of contact, dab affected area gently with sticky tape which should lift pollen away. DO NOT RUB OFF OR USE WATER.
  • Mixed bouquets: Cut stems, add flower food and stand in deep water for 12 hours prior to arranging in vase.

Roses, Lillies, Tulips, Iris, Alstroemeria and Gerbera Daisy: Remove any leaves from the bottom of the stems. While holding the stems under water, cut about one inch off each stem. DO NOT let the newly cut end dry off before transferring it back into your vase containing clean, warm preservative solution (about 100 degrees F). If possible leave them in a cool dark room or refrigerator to 'condition' for 2 or 3 hours after arranging.

Display your fresh cut flower arrangements in a cool area out of direct sunlight and drafts. It is important to check daily to see that the vase is full and regularly topped up with flower preservative solution.